Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday evening homework help desk

I am pressed for time this evening. Weekends are pretty full and there isn't much time for me to do the bloggy thing.

When I am finally able to sit still and think about stuff, I find myself sitting in the same old place -- dining room table facing the kitchen, thinking about the same old stuff -- kids, housework, elderly parent. 

Tonight I'm multitasking. My son is working on homework while I sit here trying to keep my promise to blog everyday. Every other word I write is interrupted by a question or a comment from my boy.

Sometimes these interruptions are ordinary and expected. How do you spell ____? How do you spell _____? Or, how do you spell ____? Okay, we're not awesome spellers. Most of the questions are spelling related and that's cool because I can spell most 5th grade words. Also I have access to online dictionaries which makes me seem like a smarter lady than I am in real life. That's cool. 

If the questions are math related, my son is out of luck with me and he knows well enough to seek out his older sister for help.

Some of my son's interruptions are delightfully weird. Like just now he's sticking his pencil eraser in his ear. He's wearing his winter hat which is a fake fur and canvas ear flap affair. The pencil sticks out of his ear and holds the ear flap out like small tent. I suggest that  pencils aren't supposed to go in ears, he could get hurt. He suggests I'm sort of dumb because the eraser isn't sharp and he doesn't push it far into his ear. Duh, Mom. I mention that ear wax on pencil erasers makes the eraser smudgy, and he shows me his cool wiping the eraser on his shirt eraser cleaning technique.  I suggest he rub the eraser on his pants leg, denim is a superior earwax remover, much better than flimsy cotton t-shirt material. He gets hip to the subtext of my comment. He says, Hey. He says, How do you know? 

Ah, kids. They think they invented everything. Right now it's earwax on pencils erasers, one day, well, one day it'll be other stuff. 

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