Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In which I attempt a brief story while my dinner burns on the stove

Life is good, life is great.

Yesterday's blog post is dated Nov. 4, but to be clear, that's an error and I'm still on track with the blog everyday thing. Just wanted to say that.

So, yeah, today's been a day and work happened, appointments happened, cooking housework laundry happened. And here it is dinner time and the kids are needing me which is nice, but blogging is going to have to take a back seat to living.

But a quick story before I go, (spaghetti is burning on the stove, this is an exercise in brevity)

Today my boy had french toast with jelly for breakfast, yeah, I made that, I rock, I know, and I let the boy do his own jelly thing, and that's good too.

After seeing sweet boy out the door I got myself ready for my jobityjob and headed out the door myself. In the car I noticed a daub of raspberry jelly on my arm, and thought about my cute boy who loves his raspberry jelly.

I got to my job, pulled the jobityjob site key out of my purse and noticed jelly on the key ring, I though, cute, my boy-jelly, aww...

I left work for an appointment, arrived, opened my purse and noticed a huge jelly shmere on the inside of my purse, I though WTF?! How the hell?! and then I thought, boy God damned jelly.

Sat down at my meeting, looked down at my leg, yes, jelly, raspberry sticky sweet, boy love love...and I laughed, because really, how lovely how lucky, I have a sweet boy and I was reminded of his sweetness more than I might have been otherwise.

Our children will delight us infinitely if we let them.

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