Sunday, January 29, 2017

trump's great america is a fucking load of chicken shit and so is he

I can't be the only person who wants to say something like,"Fuck you, trump, you impostor, you impotent anus lipped shit sucker!" But I'll refrain because that would be rude.
Did I actually write those words out loud? Thank heavens we live in America, a democracy where we have freedom of speech.
Thank goodness we don't live in a country where being critical of the government might get you arrested or shot or "disappeared".
But wait! this is a New and Improved America! This is trump's great again america!
Anything could happen!
I mean, if actual American citizens can be questioned about their religion and political beliefs while trying to get through an American airport, anything can happen.
For the record, I'm an atheist but I'm seriously looking to convert to Islam if they have something like a reformed sect, because, like my Jewish grandfather used to say, sometimes, bacon happens. You know?
And furthermore, I'm so far left politically I think I'm more of a Socialist than a Democrat although in college I was totally a Marxist.
anyhoo...hopefully I'll see ya'll tomorrow.
If not, it was nice knowing you.
Much love.