Friday, December 13, 2013

The anniversary of Sandy Hook approaches while the news of the school shooting today in Colorado unfolds.

The anniversary of Sandy Hook approaches while the news of the school shooting today in Colorado unfolds.

Last night my son asked me why there were bad people in the world. My son isn't aware of the depth of the issue, but he knows there are bad people in the world who do bad things, and his question is why.

I haven't got an answer for him.

I have not one fucking idea.

I didn't tell him that.

I told him I didn't know why some people did bad things, but most people are good, and that he is safe.

Later, I asked my husband what he thought.

He suggested that people do bad things because they think they are doing right things.

I see his point, to a point, but that wouldn't account for most of the bad stuff that happens.

Let's think about the types of bad guys I've been hearing about in the news lately:

You've got your Kim Jong-un's and your Taliban gunmen who shoot little girls on their way to school.

You've got school shooters.

You've got your sadistic jealous boy-friend rapist-stranglers and then there are the baby molesters.

There are men who kidnap and brutalize young women for a decade or more and men in war ravaged countries who use rape as a weapon just like shooting a gun.

The young man who raped and tortured his girlfriend for hours until he got her to "confess" to having an affair and then strangled her with an electrical cord, did he think he was justified? This happened just a few blocks from my house a couple of weeks ago.

Did this piece of shit really think he was doing the right thing? If that poor young woman did sleep with some other dude, and it's none of anyone's business if she did or didn't, the correct response is not rape, torture, and murder. Do we really need to write this shit down in such specific detail? Should this guy's mom and dad have told him, Son, if you're dating a young woman and you think she's got another dude on the side, don't hurt her, just break up with her. Remember, Jr., no killing. It's not the right thing to do.

Did the Taliban gunman who shot Malala really think he was doing the right thing?

If you're a religious zealot, Let me give you some advice:

If Allah or God or Whoever tells you, "Go kill people", question His motives. If Allah or God or Whoever tells you, "Go kill children" you don't even need to question His motives. It's clear you've been duped into working for Team Satan and you NEED TO STOP DOING HIS BIDDING and redeem your fucking ass immediately.

If you're an American teenager who's mad at a teacher or a classmate, it is never ever ever okay to bring a gun to school and start shooting people. Okay? I don't care if the teacher kept you after school, gave you a bad grade, or insulted your favorite baseball team. Shooting teachers is bad. So is raping them and cutting them up with box cutters. If you have a crush on a beautiful teacher, you are not allowed to rape and/or murder her. It's wrong. If what you are contemplating involves blood shed and/or inflicting pain on another person, it's wrong and you must not do it.

If your classmates ignore your attempts to be friends, call you fat or dumb, take your lunch money or even punch you or hurt you physically, YOU MAY NOT SHOOT THEM. EVER. You just can't. You can hate them, you can report them, but you can not kill them.

If a girl or boy says No to sex, you're not allowed to rape them. Ever. Rape is bad and wrong. And while we're on that subject, molesting anybody is wrong, that included toddlers and little children. There is no way that raping babies is okay. Just no.

If you are a sexually repressed middle aged man, you are not allowed to kidnap, imprison, enslave, beat, and rape women in your home for a decade. You can't even do it for one day. Or a fraction of a day. You can't do it at all because it's wrong and bad. If you have a serious kink in your sexual proclivities and you want to do those things, I would recommend therapy. It may be hard to find a good therapist but I bet it's easier than abducting multiple women and keeping them hidden in your home for 10 years.

Kim Jong-un is a seriously warped and emotionally twisted horror story of a man. So, if you ever find yourself in his shoes, figuratively speaking of course, please note that allowing the citizens of your country to starve, emotionally manipulating them on a mass scale, and curbing all their personal freedoms is wrong. Using your authority to get back at old girl friends by having them executed would also be a wrong thing to do. Killing your uncle is probably wrong too. If you have forced labor camps full of men, women, and children, you're doing it wrong. You're doing everything wrong.

War is bad, but it happens. If you are a soldier and you are fighting your enemy on the battlefield, that's one thing, but if you systematically hunt down and gang rape women and little girls, that's really really wrong. It's just so wrong.

If you meet someone who is different than you and you feel uncomfortable, you are not allowed to brutalize them or kill them.

I don't care if you're living in a small town in Maine and  you're as straight as a heterosexual arrow and a troupe of drag queens from NYC comes sashaying into your town and they each wink their long fake lashes at you and blow you kisses. I don't care if they line up and take turns asking nicely if they can suck your straight rural country boy cock, you may not punch, kick, immolate, or murder any one of them. You may decline or you may accept their invitation, your choice, but you may not harm them in any way.

Murder is wrong, rape is wrong.

Shooting people is wrong.

Once more for emphasis, killing, maiming, raping, brutalizing, and torturing people is never okay. Ever. Never. Never EVER. NEVER.

Just to clear up any ambiguity.

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