Thursday, December 5, 2013

in the deep dark: thinking about the shit that scares me

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty pissed off today.

I've been thinking about the upcoming anniversary of the Newtown shootings. I'm pissed off about the 911 calls being released to the public. I'm scared too, thinking about crazy folks having access to the 911 calls from that day. 

I imagine that some fucked up fucker might find inspiration in listening to those calls, that by making those calls public we're sowing the seeds for future horrors. 

I feel some relief that December 14th is a Sunday this year. 

In other bleak news today:

North Korea has been enlarging their prison camps, says Amnesty International. 

Low end estimate for prison camp population is 150,000 people. 

These are forced labor camps. People are starved, worked to death, raped, beaten, tortured and executed. Inmates of these camps include children. 

I thought we'd vowed never let this kind of evil happen again and yet we've let it happen again and again and again. Come to think of it, we all agreed that there would never be another Newtown and yet we've done precocious  little to prevent it. 

Thinking of the horrors in the world doesn't lead to deep and abiding faith or feelings of deep gratitude.

The fact that bad shit happens all the time all over the world points to the lack of an omnipotent moral authority. It reminds me that evil is real and those who deal in brutality are arbitrary in meting it out. 


Anonymous said...

This is excellent writing, blogging is all about honesty. Well played. ecq

Margaret said...

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and thanks for your kind words, Anonymous.