Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Morning Snapshot: 5:45 a.m. - 7:15 a.m.

Today is one of those Fridays that is misbehaving like a Monday.

My alarm rang for a solid 30 minutes before I even became vaguely aware that it was ringing.

My daughter's alarm didn't go off at all.

There was unfinished homework and panic.

We're out of cereal so even though we were all running late I had to cook breakfast.

I spilled a full bottle of prescription medication on the very dirty kitchen floor and then had to rationalize while I plucked them from the filth and plinked them back in their little amber container that the bacteria would be less harmful if ingested every day for a month with medicine.

Immediately after the medication spill my son spilled a full glass of orange juice across the table and onto my daughter's computer charger which, thankfully, was not attached to my daughter's computer but was, horribly, still plugged into the outlet.

On the upside even thought I did holler "Oh Shit!" when I spilled the meds, I showed off my mid-cuss abandonment reflexes by hollering, "FFFFFFffffff-ooooo-poo!" when the juice spill almost killed us .

This silly non-swear swear made my son laugh so hard and loud that all bad stuff was fixed forever and nothing bad ever happened again, because his laughter is that awesome.

Also on the upside, my daughter finished her paper on why we should raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour and it sort of KICKS ASS. I love it that she's audacious enough to speak the truth as she sees it without apology.

Then end.


Anonymous said...

It takes a *long* time for bacteria to get onto stuff that falls on the floor. :-)

vcgardener said...

Thank you for making me laugh, Margaret! Years from now, you can look back on this morning with gratitude that you and your family were able to find some saving grace in the midst of the various small disasters and chaos that school-aged families live with, from day to day! -- Valerie C.