Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am feeling really shitty.

I'm listening to Lonely Boy by the Black Keys compulsively. That's a good sign.

Thinking that Jack White would do well to toss aside his very awesome band and pare back his sound.

Do it for me Jackie White, do it for me.

Now I laugh hysterically. Because I'm a little speck that's why.

And also apparently sort of crazy.

One of the big signs of depression is not enjoying stuff that used to be fun. I am there.

Feeling adrift, unmoored, uprooted, spilled, spent, done in and done for.

Not really.

Really feeling like nothing at all.

This is a slight improvement. Compared to the feeling I'd been having recently, the feeling of a 9 volt battery on the tongue feeling, nothing is better.

Maybe there is some surcease ahead.
Been thinking about bullying in schools, and reading to kids, and Roald Dahl, and public school teachers, and family, and childhood depression, and all sorts of things, but haven't had the energy to write stuff.
But maybe soon.

The fact I can enjoy a kick ass rock 'n roll song is always a good sign.


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