Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bad case of the stupids going around

Someone please make the stupid stop.

I can't even believe the crap that's been in the news lately.

This Todd Akin dude and his comments about "legitimate rape" not leading to pregnancy because women physiologically have ways to "deal with that"---

On a good day I have to work hard at being coherent, but when I 'm pissed, like now, and I've been simmering at high heat in pissy with the lid on tight the top blows and I want to lash out and start calling names and throwing punches.

Todd Akin is a miserable ass.

He's a douche-bag.

No, wait, he's not good enough to be a douche bag.

I actually can't think of a word that adequately conveys the depth of my disgust for the enormity of his stupidity.

This is what we get when we let science go by the wayside, basic science at that.

Was Todd excused from health class the day they explained all about the lady parts and the feller parts and the ins and outs of reproduction?

Rape is bad.

Rape isn't about reproduction, it's not about sex even. 

All rape is violence.

There is no "legitimate" rape.

All rapists are vile scum sucking shit holes and all victims of rape are victims of a violent heinous crime. 

No one can make a distinction which rapes count as real rape and which rapes don't fit the definition.
Rape is rape.

What part of that is difficult to comprehend.
More stupid...

idiots who start yammering on about  their Bible and God and how marriage equality is morally wrong.

First, I know gay Christians and they are such good Christians they don't hate anyone. Not even the people who hate them.

I am not a Christian and this whole God says this God says that is bunk to me.

I don't CARE.

The foundation of our democracy is the Constitution not a book of fairy tales and bed time stories.

Time is not on the side of the narrow-minded and hateful.

Those who seek to deny equal rights to people today are going to look like the greasy haired baton weilding thugs who were certain God didn't want black children in school with their dear little white angels or that eating at the same lunch counter was against God's grand plan back during the fight for civil rights for African Americans in the 60s.

I look back at the photos of these hateful assholes and I'm shocked and appalled.  Shocked by their stupidity, appalled by their hatred.

Eventually  when footage of  the homophobics shrieking hysterically about the danger of gay marriage is featured in the inevitable Ken Burns documentary about LGBT civil rights, those bigots are going to look like backward neanderthal shits.

Also people are going to make fun of their hair and clothes, but that's beside the point.

Clothes and hairdos go out of fashion.

I wish stupidity and hatred would go out of style too.

There's a lot more stupid going around.

An epidemic of stupid is spreading across the land.

I can't delve further. It's overwhelming. 

I want nothing more than to cover my ears and close my eyes and have all the stupid go away.

That's not going to happen.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Seems like stupid has been very busy lately. 


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