Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Five Most Awesomely Awesome Randomly Generated Blog Generator Topics Ever Generated Just For Me

"my mind is a big hunk of irrevocable nothing..." to quote my favorite grammar dissing poet ee cummings and (i) haven't been able to write anything more scintillating than a grocery list. So, in a last gasp fit of despair I decided to give a random blog topic generator a try. Because I was desperate. Pathetic, apathetic. Blah. 
Into the random blog topic generator I put these sort of random words, kind of randomly: anger, time, stupid

Because, of course, those are the three words that came first to my mind.

I have a limited amount of time to work, I'm dealing with a lot of unresolved anger, and why do I feel angry? Because, dear reader, there is just so much stupidity. Violence, idiocy, rudeness, racism, sexism, ignorance, all that shit that's in the news every minute of every fucking day, it all falls under the heading, Stupid. And it makes me ANGRY. So, you've got my three keywords for the generator: anger, time, stupid.  

and this is the brilliant result.


  • 1
    Think You're Cut Out For Doing Anger? Take This Quiz
  • 2
    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Time
  • 3
    14 Common Misconceptions About Stupid
  • 4
    15 Best Blogs To Follow About Anger
  • 5
    Why We Love Time (And You Should, Too!)

Wow. This is great stuff! 

Are you cut out for doing anger? read my blog and you'll find out. 
Need a cheat sheet on time? I've been using time for a long time so can help you out with that.
What are the 14 misconceptions about stupid? Oh, that's rich, that's gorgeous, 14 misconceptions about stupid, I can hardly wait to delve into that. 
15 best blogs about anger? Mine might be one.
And lastly, why we love time, and you should, too, because, Time, it's so fucking lovable. Right? am I right? 

This is the freaking best thing ever. Thanks HubSpot! 

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