Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Internet Surfer Girl

Ah the 21st Century.

Tonight, thanks to the magic of the internet fairies and the hard work of the hamsters that power my computer, I have been edified and entertained. Well done Internet Fairies, and a heart felt bravo to the hamsters. Remind me to put some oil on that wheel.
My early morning insomnia inspired me to hit the net, and I started off with a cursory howdedoo on face book. Then for no particular reason I checked out Boing Boing, just because, and there I read a cool review of a graphic novel for kids which I SO Want to have.

On Boing Boing I saw a video parody of "Gangnam Style" by Ai Weiwei. I have a secret crush on him. I watched it. I was confused because I had never watched the original "Gangnam Style" ... so I checked it out. My new favorite song!  I <3 you PSY! Sorry Ai.

I then fell in love and cried while I watched Lana Wachowski's brilliant speech.

To top off a great night of internet hi jinx, I watched a short clip from the recent episode of The Colbert Report where Stephen Colbert, whom I also love, offers Donald Trump one million dollars under one condition. Do it for the kids, Donald. You know you want to.

Really, the wee hours of my morning were well spent.

I am contented. 

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