Monday, September 10, 2012

Writing Stuff: just thinking

I've been working on some stuff, writing stuff.

Not necessarily blog stuff, just stuff stuff.

The danger is that if I don't just write in a flurry and put it out there I don't finish anything.

I write something.

I put it away.

I come back to it.

I re-read.

I fix things that really need fixing.

Stupid grammatical errors, stupid spelling mistakes. 

I move things around that need to be moved.

I tweak and shuffle and rethink and rework

and I cut things.

I cut things I like and that stings a little but not as much as it used to.

This process continues and more and more things fall away.

Is this bit necessary?

Too wordy? repetitive?


cut cut cut cut cut

Eventually I've got one word on the page,



No surprise there but it is one of my favorite words. 

It's effective, it's sharp, it's simple.

But perhaps it's still too much.

Perhaps the fffff is unnecessary, or the uh, or the ck.

It's been said, the sounds have all been made before.

Maybe the desire for clarity and perfection is really an effort to keep my self quiet.

My internalized glare and admonition, be quiet.

Or maybe it's a lesson.

Maybe in response to the mindless jabber of our times, my deeper self realizes I'm just one more voice adding to the din and confusion.

No one is really listening.

No one is listening. 

the best writing is

a blank white page

Maybe the most profound thing we can say is nothing at all.


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